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Tim Ray: A Year Ago Today

by Robin Yeager on 05/16/2012

in Ocean

A year ago today, the sun was shining, the sky was a rich spring blue. It was a perfect southern California day.
Except that my dear friend and classmate Tim Ray passed away. This is what I wrote to my classmates at Scripps Institute of Oceanography where Tim was a PhD student and I was a [...]

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Saving the Oceans, One Film At A Time

by Robin Yeager on 12/01/2011

in Environment, Ocean

I told our esteemed director, filmmaker/scientist Levi Lewis, that I was willing to take on any role in his film except that of actor.  You can see how well I, and my fellow students, Dominique Cano-Stucco, Daniel Paredes-Gonzales and the late Tim Ray succeeded in this 60-second short, A Coral-Bacteria Love Story.

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This post marks my return to my blog after a long absence.
In early 2010, after several years of exploring what I might do next, a dear friend and mentor suggested that I get a PhD. While there are people my age and older who have embarked on that path, I did not want to [...]

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