New Homes should be Water-Efficient as well as Energy-Efficient

by Robin Yeager on 12/11/2009

in Green Building, Water

It took the EPA three years to develop the specification, but now new homes will be eligible for its WaterSense label (available to various plumbing products and technologies) if the homes have been inspected and approved by an EPA licensed certifier. watersense logo

The EPA asserts that WaterSense homes will reduce new homeowner water usage by 10,000+ gallons a year. 12 billon gallons of water could be saved annually if all of the ~ 1.3 million new homes built in the U.S. each year (I’m betting that’s probably not based on post-housing market crash numbers), are built to WaterSense specs.

The spec covers indoor water use, outdoor water use and homeowner education. For more information on the specs and certification system, click here.


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