Scientific Evidence of Climate Change is Solid

by Robin Yeager on 11/03/2009

in Climate Change, Environment

What did the Easter Islander who cut down the last palm tree say as he was doing it?
That’s what UCLA students asked their professor, Jared Diamond, author of Collapse, How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed (See 2005 paperback, pp. 114, 426).

I ponder that question every time I think about the consequences of waiting too long to address climate change, and every other environmental issue that our policymakers refuse to address. Do we want future generations to ask: How Could They Have Been So Short-Sighted (or worse, Downright Dumb)?

If you agree that we are in a historically unprecedented period of climate change, and that we must act now, please send the 7-minute video, Feeling the Heat, to everyone you know. (I find the video downloads much faster directly from Birch Aquarium’s site — click on the Discover the Science box in the right column.) Emphasize that the short video was made by scientists, not politicians.

If you are a doubter or a skeptic, please watch the video and/or review NASA’s evidence, key indicators, causes and effects of climate change. I hope you will re-consider your position and, newly convinced, forward this information to other disbelievers.

For those of you in southern California, Birch Aquarium’s Climate Change Exhibit is worth a trip to La Jolla.


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