Green Jobs Advocate Van Jones Did the Right Thing

by Robin Yeager on 09/10/2009

in Green Education/Training

Green jobs advocate Van Jones did the right thing by resigning from the White House Council on Economic Advisers. Less than a week has passed and the furor over his past statements and positions has ended. If he had stayed and fought, as many supporters urged, we’d still be reading and hearing about it to the detriment of climate change legislation and many other issues. Not to mention sheer annoyance over the continued coverage. Fox News, on the other hand, just won’t let him go.

I heard Jones speak at the American Solar Energy Society’s 2008 Conference. His vision of a Green Future inspired his business audience. No doubt he will continue to inspire, persuade and motivate. Van Jones’s credits include founding Green for All, co-founding the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and writing The Green Collar Economy – a worthy read.


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