TMI or Learning About All Things Green

by Robin Yeager on 04/16/2009

in Green Building, Green Education/Training

For the past couple of years, I’ve traveled the state of California, attending workshops on solar electricity, solar hot water and energy efficiency. I’ve made these journeys so that I can provide better legal services to small and medium businesses and non-profits that are striving to reduce their environmental impacts and/or are providing green products and eco-friendly services.

I was talking to a cousin in nature-loving Prescott, AZ about my continuing efforts to learn about all things green when I remembered some long-ago test that indicated I could be suited for civil engineering. Where did that come from? the career counselor wondered. I’ve always admired the minds that design bridges and freeways and the people who build them. I even considered an architectural degree but I didn’t want to do the math.

After my cousin suggested a construction class, I found a class that sounded perfect and was starting the next day. Fortunately, it was within a reasonable distance from my base in LA‘s South Bay, and it was on target: a Green and Sustainable Building Certificate program.

Our class, which will be offered again by Cal State-Long Beach during the fall term, is taught by Wes Harding, a general building contractor, and John Shipman, an energy efficiency consultant.


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